CC-3964 "Flare"

Info about Commander Flare:
Number: CC-3964
Nickname: "Flare"
Rank: Supreme Commander
Type: ARC
Group: 518th Legion
Previous group: 327th Star Corps
Preferred ride: 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bike
Species: Human Clone

Commander Flare is one of the most skilled and experienced ARC Commanders. He claims to have fought on half of the all of planets in the galaxy (and I bet he's right). He's had a reputation to get his men going, even if they are exhausted, injured or starving. He has fought alongside a dozen or more Jedi Masters including Yoda, Shaak Ti, Matt Shack, Obi-wan, and more. He is an expert at sizzling clanker head's with his customized laser gun. Flare took training as an ARC Captain and soon was rushed off to Geonosis where he saved Supreme Commander Bly. Commander Flare did other heroic missions such as the Battle of Zolan where he helped destroy the masked threat of the Clawdites. Read Flare's story here: